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Re: NJ-Employer's comments

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Sure understandable….however that being said, the initial request was simply for “information”……..and like it or not, my accounting of the potential workplace hazards in this type of situation is accurate….likely, and therefore relevant.

It is easy to take the “high road” and get all morally indignant, and self righteous over socially unjust issues, (it costs nothing) but, the fact is, this is some person’s job….their income, their lively hood, and weighty life decisions such as the one these folks are trying to come to grips with……. need to have all sides of the situation presented ( maybe minus our own personal emotional bias) in order to make a well informed decision of this magnitude. It would appear Chester05 has enough emotional issues running already??? Facts……good information, potential consequences….etc etc may well be the key to their decision making process.

Anyway that’s my two-bits for what it worth……….