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Re: NJ-Employer's comments

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Woah. Robbo, long post. LOL!

I believe the female version is “Cowgirl up!” Which is weird, unless you go to Oklahoma State University, then it suddenly makes sense.

In general, I don’t find the term offensive, if used to mean, “Stop yer whinin’.” However, when “man up,” is used to tell someone that they have to put up with abuse, sorry, that’s just plain wrong, and that’s where it becomes offensive.

This boss has crossed the line between normal “hazing” type behaviors, and straight into abuse. Unfortunately, with jobs, people sometimes have to deal with this, because we need to pay rent (been there). However, this kid has his parents who are willing to stand by him. So, no, he doesn’t have to put up with it.

Look, it takes a lot for people like us not to put up with crap. We’ve been doing it all our lives. I’m not the only one here that spent a lot of time working on not being a doormat. Telling this kid he has to be one, especially in an abusive situation, just ain’t right. Helping him learn to set boundaries and learn what is normal and what is abuse will go a long way.

God, I’m talking like an Okie. Too many years in spent in Oklahoma. It’s infected my writing. Wow.