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Re: Now I'm just mad

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allan wallace
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Thanks for your kind words flourshoppe! :D I don’t really worry about my chronic underachievement anymore, because they were the external expectations/gauges of other people. I knew that I’d never excel in ‘robotworld’ because I recognised that I lack the attributes required to flourish within those environments! As I’ve aged it has become more difficult to assign habitual blundering on the impetuosity of youth…especially as I’m in my mid 40’s now! I’m gradually coming to terms with my diagnosis, and just like you, I’m struggling to grasp the implications involved in getting to know the stranger that has been one’s life-long shadow, that ratbag that was always getting one into mischief! 😆 You liked the hug, eh? Good! Here’s another one! 😆 *HUG*