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Re: Paper work and Emails finally caught up with me!

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ok you guys lost me – how did we get from Carrie being swamped with email ( the original title of the thread if you forgot!) to jumping off roofs?

Ahhh nevermind….this is an ADD forum..:-) AND I didn’t read all the posts either!

Sooo Anyway, I would agree with Amy and say setting aside a particular time of day ( or maybe two – beginning and end of day for example). In my case I’m behind with reading info type stuff that is relevant to my job and it occurred to me today that I should set aside a particular day in the week where I spend time reading things that I have to in order to keep informed. So that’s why this post caught my eye.

Obviously I don’t know the particular circumstances of how you are supposed to organize your day according to management Carrie, but I would suspect that there are other nurses who don’t read everything they are supposed to either because they are busy ( or , yes procrastinating!)

Perhaps a way to deal with the fallout is to bring up the issue of professional organization and suggest to “management” that nurses need to have time to read important work related emails, do paperwork etc as part of their day because look what happened! Act outraged yourself and be proactive to take the focus off of your particular glitch.

I know paperwork is boring ( trust me I am the Queen of Paperwork Avoidance) but the fact remains that it is vital to the performance of your job. I don’t think you need to bring ADD into the equation.

Besides, as a member of the public I would hope someone out there is looking after the efficiency of the system ( ok everybody stop laughing – I can hear you….) and bringing it up might save a life or two in the future.

Then again, perhaps I’m too much of an optimist , after all , I too jumped off roofs as a kid !! :D