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While using Ritalin, I would take it in the morning and again after lunch. That basically was my routine. I wouldn’t take anything in the evening even though sometimes I needed to stay focused. I was thinking I wouldn’t be able to sleep and not taking an additional dose would allow anything in my system to “wash out”.

I also found it was important to continue use even during weekends. Otherwise, I couldn’t get anything done on my own time. Just sort of “veg-out” and feel real bad about not accomplishing anything that I had planned to do.

The other thing I found was the “ramp-up, ramp-down” effect of rapid release Ritalin. Interesting to observe, though, kinda like a turbocharger kicking in…..then shutting down. I would time the dose about 30-45 minutes before I strated work.

My doc has me on Concerta XR and that has keeped me better stabilized throughout the day. It ramps-up and -down gradually.

About the generics that Belien alluded to I have the same opinion. I’ve noticed the generic of anything I’m using seems to be less effective than the original. I noticed this with the Effexor I was on; when I was switched to the generic version, they weren’t as good for me.

Perhaps Dr. J has an opinion about this. When I mentioned this to my Pharmacist, he said there is no difference in the formula, and that in some cases, they are all compounded at the same time. He further said that even though the formula is identical, the generics aren’t as extensivly tested to prove the same level of efficacy as the original.

But then, maybe it’s all in our head and a psychological thing?

Hope this helps….