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Re: School – Verbal Abuse by Teachers!

Re: School – Verbal Abuse by Teachers!2010-12-08T04:24:18+00:00

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All the same things have happened to me as well, oddly enough they still are to some degree. I think often times it come down to people don’t want to adapt to ‘different’…that involves work on another level of consciousness and some don’t think they should have too.

I was a math tutor in college and my boss told me I was often favored by adult students because I knew how to explain things in more than one way. I learned later, the fact that that adult learners often times need to be shown many different methods to learn something. But as a majority I learned that many students want to just want to know the process, forget it, and move on to the next thing…point they don’t enjoy it, they just have to get through it. I think that is how far to many teachers view there responsibility as educators. My opinion and observations of course. :)

I really try to hide the bitterness.