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Re: School – Verbal Abuse by Teachers!

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In grade 7 my teacher bitched me out in front of the whole class saying if the topic didn’t have any thing to do with boys then I wasn’t interested….just short of calling me a slut….nice eh? The topic was math…..I still don’t understand it. It’s funny the very people that are paid with our tax $$ to teach our childern, at the time my parents tax $$ to teach me and my fellow students are the very people running us down. I’m still angry that I went through 14 years of school and not one teacher cared enough to wonder what was going on with this girl, why didn’t’ she try. It seems that students that require a little effort and extra time are just a pain in their ass. It’s just easier for them to run us down then take the time to find out what’s wrong. Now I have to say later on in year this teacher did sit down with me one on one and went through some things. She reported back to my mom that as soon as she had told me some thing I forgot right away….that’s when the ball was put in mom’s corner…..

I really feel when teachers are going to school there should be some kind of education or part of a course identifying red flags of learning disabilities and/or disorders.