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Re: School – Verbal Abuse by Teachers!

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I went through the same . teachers when i was in school didn’t ask me if I new an anwser if they were thinking I might no. they would have no problem asking me if they thought i didn’t have the aanswer. It became a standing place to stop and give the others a chance to laugh. there were two or three of us that were dealt with in this maner. it took untill I failed grade 9 and they told me they did not want me in school. other things were going on andit did not take long for me to drop out of school. [dummy me] I spent mylife loburing with my hands, becauce my concetration couldkeep me in one place very long. It has not been easy but I am determand to learn to slow down and try learn this computer thing works. looking back I can see my adhd geting in the way.I am not like alot of you Iam told my IQ is on the low side of normal. what ever that is ha ha. the hard part is knowing that Iam not very smart, and seeing al you very smart people around me. so I tell my self not to worry,just to do my best. Its hard knowing when your best is not as good as every ones normal is better then your best.