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Re: School – Verbal Abuse by Teachers!

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@tombdragon – i agree completely, and i know where you are coming from. for the longest time my least favorite word was ‘potential.’ i once even had a button on my backpack that read “i may be lazy, unmotivated, and worthless, but at least i’m good at it.”

so i hear ya.

i feel for you son, but at least he has you to stick up for him.

me, i spent a good portion of my elementary years with my head down, waiting for everyone else to catch up – or trying to finish what everyone else got done instantly.

my favorite worst example is about the adhd son of a friend of mine. he has horrible distraction issues, and problems talking when he shouldn’t. he’s also extremely bright. so the teacher creates an advanced reading program for him within the 3rd grade classroom. then she sits him off to one side to take his test, and does an activity with the rest of the class in which they have to shout out the answers to questions. THEN she gets mad at him because he isn’t doing his test. ……sort of like yelling at a blind kid for tripping over the boxes you sat down in front of him and asking him why he isn’t watching where he’s going, eh? i tried to get my friend to let ME go in and talk to this teacher, but i think she was afraid to ;)