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Re: School – Verbal Abuse by Teachers!

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As a veteran of adhd childhood i was left back at a private school because of my adhd and they didn’t want to deal with it. my public school was better but i was still put down by teachers sometimes. thankfully i had enough good ones to pull through. i worked in the education system myself not as a teacher but as a security guard. i had to deal with many kids’ behavior problems. i got to talk with a lot of teachers and they vented their frustration to me about what good they try to do and how it’s all for naught. i feel envious of the students because the teachers have better sensitivity training and are empowered and compelled to deal with bullies. something i wish was available to me as a kid. the kids however are not disciplined. i know that in the old days discipline was draconian and cruel but we’ve swung to the opposite end of the spectrum where the kids run around willy nilly and are growing up to be sociopaths