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Dr. J. Thank you… I appreciate the understanding. At 32 and single I take what I can get. ;-)

ScatterKat… I posted in Ask an Expert about my meds and other things female hormone related… however, I am wondering: have you had a full estrogen panel, CBC etc done? Alot of MD’s state that your estrogen is fine based on regular check ups but don’t run the full panel.

Also, I know that numbness you feel and I hope it gets better. Can you, or have you, considered coming off the meds for one day i.e. when you ovulate etc? Or even a week that you are “in the woods” for getting pregnant? I come off the Dex and I am a hungry, fridge clearing sex machine so I thought I would suggest it.

Of course I am not a doctor but I do know Dex “holidays” were recommended every so often by my doctors.

I hope it gets better,