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UH OH…. 48yr old M and YIKES .. Was i hyper focussing during sex? I was recently diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and very much mistreated or lets say to be nice not treated holistically (that is changing as I type this) . Typical 2 ADD/ADHD marriages here…. First marriage was a disaster knocked her up when I was young and married her as i thought it was the “right” thing to do Son from that marriage sadly has ADD/ADHD syndrome although he is on somewhat of a road to repair…. although BR was ok it had many short commings. Not ED on my side….. she was not aroused or creative as I so BORRING so blah blah…… 2nd marriage Interesting she was the dominant one CREATIVE in bed (Her family history has OCD-Bipolar-Hoarding and ADD/ADHD issues) to what extent it is tough to find out as she is in a family that is very secretive about there conditions as some of the family is involved in Medical field and Politics so they just under the rug the “blacksheep”…. She was motivated in the B-room by money so that was my motivater we had a great business made tons of cash but since she handled the administrative aspects of our life she controlled and manipulated me as to how to be in the work place and home and that was often to her advantage…….. Hense, because of my ADD/ADHD she manipulated me everyway she could (YEP U guessed it she was/is a psyche nurse) and she had me so set up in divorce finacially with paperwork I did not sign I should have and mentally by making outrageous acusations against me substantiated only by her friends/family in high places that reached outside the traditional courtroom that once she hooked the foreign surgeon “Adios” to me…….. Yes I do feel sorrry for the surgeon as he will be next…….. So yes if you are a male or female and hyperfocussing on sex PROTECTION is a must how about abstinence until you discuss SEX with your partner and your health care professional to help surpress any future issues (Do i dare say) that might come up in the future………..