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Re: Sex and A.D.D.

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Am I the only one with the opposite problem? I have a srong sex drive and daydream about it fairly often (I’m Male go figure) I have a tendency to be hyperfocussed on it and look to it as a major stress and anxiety release – afterwords I can focus much better on tasks. Also, have recurring fantasies about the same thing (person) over and over fairly frquently – occaisonally to the point of compulsive thoughts.

I kind of feel like odd man out because no one seems to talk about much or at all and wonder if this could drift into the area of OCD.. After being diagnosed I thought perhaps it was the adrenaline rush and stimulation that helped me to quell my ADD symptoms – i.e. give me the stimulation my brain is screamin for…. but not many seems to have similar experiencesat least here on the forum

Any input?