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catch 22 situation: a killer orgasm is a great way of completely emptying my brain (i can think nice and slowly, one thing at a time, and feel very ‘present’ for a good ten minutes afterwards- well, not to begin with, but yes- i’m sure the BF enjoys the peace and quiet during that initial gormless stupefied period), but paying attention enough to enjoy it, let alone get there- not easy- even with powertools.

gawd, if its not one thing….. the cat meows outside the bedroom door and puts his little paw under there and starts fishing around, grabs hold of a pair of knickers, and tries to pull them under the door, which cracks me up laughing….. i worry that the neighbours can hear me and will give me a funny look next time they see me or use me as free porn (lol)…… the phone rings and i can’t leave it, but don’t want to answer all breathless- or i start to think “omg, what if the phone rings and its my mum and its an emergency” and then i start thinking about my parents and can’t do it……. i get an itch or feel a hair tickling me- and if i itch it, its bigger itchier friends show up- if i don’t, all i can think is ‘arrrgggggghitchyitchyitchy’ ….. i get kneecramp, a dry mouth, hair in my face, hairclip falls out, have to stop for a drink, pillows are uncomfortable, lying on a wrapper…… something weird comes into my head and puts me off entirely, i analyse every single thing about what we’re doing and start to question what the hell i’m doing in my relationship and then i feel guilty and end up deciding i’m leaving- all cos my neck wasn’t kissed just right…… if its too quiet i get psyched out, but if i’m not careful i start singing along when there is music playing- and the bf starts laughing cos i’m apparently exceptionally cute, and then i start talking, and that distracts me, and his eyes glaze over cos i’m rambling….

….. the poor man is a saint. :P