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Re: Sex and A.D.D.

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I can get distracted, but it seems it’s mostly voices that do it. I can’t seem to be happy in a relationship unless there’s lots of sex (and some of that is probably because that’s one place where I feel really comfortable, where I really feel confident, where I really feel like a “real man”). To tell the truth, I could probably easily become a sex addict… if I had a clue how to pick up women. I have a very hard time gauging a female’s interest. The few that were interested in me…I only thought they wanted me as a friend. If I thought they were interested in me, they did only want me as a friend. Once they did make a move, I took over and was in the driver’s seat. But it wasn’t until I was 36 that I actually made the first move.

So, because of the loneliness, I never really ended up with a person I chose, I always settled for whomever chose me instead.