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I wanted to add…. There is a lot of wisdom in what Rick wrote about how useless it is to wallow in the bad karma and toxic chemicals. What happens to you and the real effect of keeping that anger/frustration motor running with all the thoughts, arguments and justifications and grrr grrr grrrr’s that seem to just go on and on and on really does more harm than good. It took me a long time to see that in my own life; actually learned about it over the last year. I’m a nubie and I’m still working on it. It’s not easy and its probably going to be a life long process. Going into those modes is like an addiction all unto itself. But at least I understand it a little better now and knowing is half the battle, eh. The realization that I alone am keeping person “xyz” who has pissed me off in the past alive and kicking in my thoughts was pretty profound. Why waste my time and energy…I lose enough time as it is. And if your not paying rent…get out!!!

I guess it might be about catching and realizing those moments as they arise. I’ve gotten a lot of use out of listening to Eckhart Tolle recently, especially on the topic of observing and catching the egoic mind when it arises. I’ve been applying it to the moments when I feel and catch my temper going.

The other day I wanted to print up an article and all of a sudden my trusty printer wouldn’t print. As if it went on strike or something. It was working last week! Working great! Now, all of a sudden it’s not doing what its supposed to do. I’m getting error messages. Low on ink. I go…I buy new ink. Still not working. Damn. Getting different error messages now…everything is connected…check. Plugging and unplugging. Restarting! The print heads start whirring back and forth…back and forth… What are they doing!? Are they going to print?? And then they stop. More error messages…Now I feel it….I feel it rising…the anger and frustration at an inanimate object. So I try to catch it…

I’m pretty good with making funny voices and such (I spent a couple years at one point studying at Second City in TO) so when I noticed the anger and frustration rising, I redirected that energy into a funny voice or two…I started off with a Fred Flintstone type of rumbling “razza frazz ruckum muckum”, and then went into a full tilt Hunter S Thompson torrent. I don’t remember exactly what I said, but it went a little something like this…

“Abandon all hope you plastic abomination….Filthy stinking animal….Get ready to fly…fly out the window….you dingbat!!!”

Anyways… Sometimes I’ll say something so absurd, so ridiculous that it stops me in my tracks and I laugh. It’s not fool proof. Sometimes it feels like trying stop a river full of salmon that are late for spawning. But if I can stop a few…if it stops the blood pressure from peaking 3 out of 7 times….then maybe there is something there for me. To each their own.

And of course I do this at home, I’ve learnt to avoid public outbursts, at least until I get into my car…you know.

And by the way,

I found a funny audio clip on Youtube of Hunter losing it on an answering machine over some Audio Video equipment that was set up at his place. It starts off sorta calm for the first minute and then ramps into furry around the one minute mark.

Type: hunter s thompson another satisfied customer

Be warned..there is potty language.

And with the printer. It turns out that not every update that comes down the pike is healthy for your computer accessories. Especially when it comes to older printers, scanners and cameras…. “Dingbat Silicon Valley! Soul sucking pocket drainers!”