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I would just like to thank you all for not only “getting it” but being able to “articulate it”… My sister always said I was probably manic – or in a “manic swing” – I’ve just started this ride – always knew something wasnt “firing right” – new I was hot headed – but it seems although the anger bouts are less frequent – they are much more intense?? I had to remove myself from a situation at work this summer as I was worried I was going to smack a co-worker (granted she is a not so nice person) but I’m not violent normally.

Yes about lots of sleep too – less than 8 hours and back away….

Yes about the noise too – does anyone else ask their spouses “do you hear that”?? “Where is that coming from?” and they hear nothing??? HE thinks I have “absorbed” the hounds hearing from being with them so much! (haha)