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Hi MerryMac! I like the song they wrote about you!! Thanks – yep I dont live in apartments anymore – I did the same as you – my old upstairs neighbors were “heavy walkers” – I was working & doing my divemaster training (LOTS of study & math) – oh my word – it was so ridiculous! Laying in bed bawling….I even complained – turned it into a noise war……I lost. 2 against 1… I would sleep with the tv on…Now its the melody of hounds snoring ;).. Me too!! Oh but my hubbie cant snore until AFTER im asleep which is so funny as he’s asleep at like 8 and I crawl in at 11 or so. (I put my freezing feets on him to wake him up then I go to sleep & it shakes him out of his snore….heeheehee)