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Patte Rosebank
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@trashman, it’s not being “sensitive”. NOBODY should be told off or yelled at in front of their co-workers. If your boss did that, and he’s in the habit of doing that, then he’s a BULLY.

Are you a union employee? If you are, talk to your shop steward immediately. You may have grounds for a grievance.

If you’re not a union employee, talk to your HR department immediately. You don’t have to put up with abuse like that at work, especially if you’ve already told them that you have this legitimate medical condition which is affecting your on-the-job performance.

You’re on the right track about looking for a new job. You might want to look for something in the not-for-profit sector, because they tend to be much more accepting of those with disabilities, or for whom the standard 9-to-5 corporate world isn’t a good fit. Charity Village (http://www.charityvillage.ca) is a great place to look for these jobs.

Good luck!