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First off, Sorry I got distracted that why I have not responded in awhile…( that was a funny you should all laugh)

Did you ever notice how hard it is to actually read everybody comments and make it to the end…( another funny)

So first off The Dr Jekell and Mr hyde Quote, like och!!!!!!! I mean I can totally relate, being Diagnosed just a few years ago I actually have sat back and reflected on my 20’s and some of my 30’s. I really appreciate this site and the PBS airtime the other night I recorded it and actually my son sat through half and hopefully sits through it again.

Sorry I got off topic I’m ADHD and Anger to me is still a battle not in the sense I’m throwing things or smashing things, but it’s that Fuse that sometimes seems to charge quickly I’m learning and at times it does get longer. Recognizing what creates that wick to burst is sure tricky as I have noticed some people have area’s that I have surrendered to and are easy to me while others seem to be stronger in the one’s I’m trying to take charge of.

I’ve also been single for quite some time years actually and I’m HAPPY, Counseling definitely helped me along with Ritalin (sometimes I think I should swallow all the pills that might take the Anger issue to a low…(another Funny..haha)

I’m mostly scared of relationships, I’m a great looking guy and I have good self Confidence This I have learned to develop, I too struggled. However I have been told in my younger years that I’m this great guy but all of a sudden I can change in minutes and have these Crazy out Bursts. Thankfully I have been trying to train my Brain to recognize these things but it is awfully hard sometimes with my son. Whom I really wish would come to the table and get an idea of who I am.

I really appreciated all the notes as each Blog posted I actually can relate to, I’m hoping we are all trying to move forward and Focus on what we can Achieve in the future as we are the most gifted group little to we actually realize.