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well, the trashman just got trashed or fired , well got into an arument 2 weeks ago i was thinking we had moved on. things have been going along well. i guess i was wrong. iwas asked if i would start early again today ,so isaid that was ok so i did my first load started my second load and the head shipper called and ask what hapend yesterday at one of my customers ii told him i had no problems as far as i was aware of. when i got back to the shop i got my truck ready to load went inside told the shiper i was ready to load and went to have coffee.because thats what the boss told me he wants me to do.so iam thinking its all good then the boss comes into the break room and ask my coworker if he could see him for a miuite, then comes back and ask to see me so i went with him to his office and he said close the door i said whats up . he says its not working for me. and i said whats not worrking he said this after the other day .ill have to let you go. i said thought we were past that and he said iam not o ok. i think the problem is the rest of the guys in the warhouse, in the last 2 weeks started to stand up for themseves, iguess the boss wanted to keep pushing the other guys around ,thats something he could not get away with me so out the door i went.