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Re: Shyness and ADHD

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It seems to me that shyness is an observation people make about someone else – because they have a lack of response or low response to social overtures made toward them…

for example you look at someone, and they look away or ignore instead of engaging with the eye contact. Or you say something and the person doesn’t answer back, or gives a short answer that doesn’t continue a conversation. The so-called shy person doesn’t initiate with others to their satisfaction, and the other people describe them as “shy.”

Shy seems to be the nice adjective to use. Other times you can be accused of being stuck up, unfriendly, etc. Basically – because you don’t give a response when it’s expected, and you don’t “join the group”

When I’m being “shy” I don’t think of that word – “shy”. I think about it like – I’m feeling overwhelmed, I have other things on my mind, I’m self conscious, I don’t want to get entangled, etc.