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Re: Some motivational thoughts

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Yep, not the mean kind of shame, I get it. I was too afraid to run over his tiny feet rollin around outside, especially in the 300 lbs power chair. I miss the way he would nuzzle under my underarm when I was lounging on the couch. Rubbin his head against my chest almost like a cat.

I’ll work on finding a pet, even cats gotta be on a leash here!, dumb, huh?. I really considered getting a bearded dragon years ago. They have real personality. You can bob your head just to say “Wsup man?” I can’t remember what it means to lift one of the front legs. Something between “screw you” and “feed me some crickets now, dick head!”, my pets are required to have a good sense of humor.

I’m gonna go check out the pet store… BBL

Thanks for the encouragement/idea.