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Re: Sports, Anyone?

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I did try a lot of sport, those are the ones I practiced at the competition level : Hockey, baseball, Soccer (european football), figure skating.

Those are the one I tried on a less competitive level: Boxing, Self-Defense, Budo Ryu Jiu Jitsu (the way of the samurai, looks like judo mixed with self defense), American football, badminton, skiing, volleyball, some car racing at the drag strip…

My friend’s suicide and my parents bankrupty lead me to several years of no sports at all, almost 10 years on my couch depressing with dark thinking, but 3 years from now I took my life back together and retook boxing lesson, ice hockey with friends and jiu jitsu… 10 years of no sport got me to 330 pounds, I’ve lost it and now am at 230 and still droping