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Re: Sports, Anyone?

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Yes. Sports are great for our racing minds. I’m a part time cyclist as well. And martial arts definitely helped me a lot. I was in Kenpo for years. and I ate it up! I am a member of two forums : this one (ADD) and my other addiction. It is an activity that I’ve discovered was perfect for ADD. Well, it is for me anyway. But I want to share it here because I bet a lot of you ADD peeps would love it. And it’s free. It is little known but has a huge community. Recreational Tree Climbing!. Yes, tree climbing. But.. it is NOT exactly what you think. It has come a long way since I was a kid. Now , you do it with ropes, harness and carabiners. You never hurt the trees and it is totally safe if done correctly. It is as close to flying as you can get from the ground. There is little that is more exhilarating for an ADD mind than hanging peacefully in the canopy of a tree, 60 feet in the air (or 100 or 200), and smelling, seeing and feeling the surroundings. If it sounds cool, look it up online. (or ask me! I need climbing partners!) There are plenty of cool sites. Here a good place to start.. http://www.treeclimbercoalition.org/whatistreeclimbing.cfm or http://www.treeclimbing.com/. Also… for ADD treatment, I think Paintball, Archery and Swimming are great therapy. Peace..