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Re: Sports, Anyone?

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Anyone else here play hockey? I love the game, and really enjoy playing. However, I find there is “too much going on” for me to focus and be effective on the ice. In ball hockey, I tend to just freeze up which could be my anxiety issues. Would love to hear tips if anyone has them.

One time while playing recently I had my feet swept out from under me from the front — I did a face plant on the ice from 6′ upright. Only thing that saved me from breaking my nose and losing teeth was my visor. I actually hit the ice so hard my face was numb from the nose down for almost an hour. I was positive the guy did it on purpose.

I was absolutely LIVID. Once I knew I was in one piece with nothing broken I jumped up, raced off after the puck, and decided I would smoke that guy somewhere on the ice before the night was over.

I then proceeded to play probably the best game of my life. Incredibly focussed, in on nearly every offensive play, scored lots, and had TONS of energy (which I normally don’t). I also maintained my anger towards the guy that tripped me and played him aggressively at every chance. I waited for him to give me an “opportunity”, but it never came and my anger slowly faded.

About an hour after it all started, my play began to return to normal.

My doctor told me that what I experienced was because of an adrenaline rush. The great thing was I never felt “jumpy” or “fidgety”. I truly wish they could bottle whatever chemical reaction was going on in my body that day. I’d love to feel it again.