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Re: Sports, Anyone?

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I joined because i was sure my “learning dis-abled” daughter was A.D.D. and now after doing the virtual test I am going to my doctor for testing for me as well as my daughter! I have suffered from depression,, never feeling i was “good enough” or “organized” enough…. wow….. and then add a mind that wants to constantly create ,,,, and then have a hard time finishing any of the “creations” double WOW…. I find riding my horses almost always makes me feel so good! I have competed all my life ( and i am 45 years young!) with horses, and i think if i wouldn’t have i may have gone completly mad. My daughter also rides her own horse, and i definatly notice how much better her days go when she has had time to ride. I think the combination of caring (grooming etc) and then being one with this animal just makes for relief from our minds constantly go-go-going….

I also have my daughter in a breakdance class, and she loves it! Dances her little heart out!

I look forward to reading and learning on this site!