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Re: Sports, Anyone?

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I am surprised that I have not seen rock climbing, unless I missed it.

I took a trip to Spain and my Navy friends took me to a huge rock next to the ocean and introduced me to rock climbing. This was not a fake rock climbing wall with the mounted grips and footholds , this was in the outdoors and huge boulders.

I fell in love with it right away! My thinking out of the box was challenged because you get to a point where you have no idea how you are going to continue going up. You all of the sudden see something take the risk and next thing you know you make it to the top. The whole climb was the adrenaline rush my body craves and at the top was the greatest satisfaction of accomplishment.

Yes, an experienced friend climbed to the top first to attach the rope to a strong hold that they had put in place previously.

Rock climbing for me was a whole body and mental workout.

I love the outdoors so skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and bike riding are other sports I really enjoy.

Scuba diving is a great workout and you do not even realize just how hard you are working out underwater. It is a completely new world and amazingly beautiful.

I have a eye-hand disability so miniature golf is a challenge. I have always wanted to try golf just because I love the outdoors. I have a feeling I would become too frustrated getting that little ball into the little hole. Maybe fo me just to get by it or onto the green would be good enough.