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Re: Strattera advice please

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I’m on Concerta 27mg and I have an appointment with my neurologist next tuesday for a follow up. So far Concerta doesn’t help with my ADD and messes with my anxiety so, after reading a bit about Strattera here and there, I though I might suggest it to my doc as a possibility instead of Concerta.

But after reading everything everyone had to say about it here… I changed my mind. I mean… stomach problems- got enough of those already with food allergies, and feeling sleepy- I’m already sleeping too much as is. I’d sleep easily 10 to 12 hours each night on week ends if it was not for a huge headache kicking in (I think it comes from a caffeine addiction, I need at least two coffees per day).

I think I’ll stick to Concerta and trust my doc. I’ve left him a message recently about how much anxiety I’ve been feeling since on Concerta so maybe he’ll search for something else… prescribe me another med.

BTW the fire alarm – When I first moved to my actual appartment, it used to ring (and, OMG, so so loud these things!!) whenever I either took a shower or made toasts. After about two days of it, I really got mad and took a broom (because, naturally, it’s high on the ceiling and out of reach), knocked it off and broke it. I was so happy to be free of that annoying noise at last. Barely mentionned it to the landlord just to be in the clear. He never replaced it and I was happy. Till I heard a few months ago, it might mess with my insurance not having one. So I got one myself and installed it where I can reach it but still within installations specifications. It hasn’t gone off yet but I look at it defiantly once in a while… ‘my broom is still ready to kill you if you mess up with me’ lol