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DeeDeeBee, if I took all my Strattera first thing in the am, I would be drowsy, too. If I were taking 60 mg, I would split it up 20 in the am and 40 before bed. When I take it at bedtime, I wake up the next morning glad that I woke up. Before Strattera, I used to wake up and think, “Oh no, I woke up again to all this chaos!” Strattera stays with you longer than Adderall, so taking it late shouldn’t make it less effective in your life. Since it’s not a stimulant, it won’t keep you awake. When I take 40 mg in the am, I also take some Adderall which probably offsets the drowsiness. When I take the other 40 mg at bedtime, since I never take Adderall at night, I start to feel sleepy which is good since I procrastinate going to bed like others have mentioned.

I am starting to notice small improvements, too, like getting up from my computer games as soon as I remember I need to scoop my cats’ litter box instead of putting it off until they won’t leave me alone! Sometimes I don’t realize these small differences in my actions. I agree with divaluxx about the benefits of hearing about other peoples’ experiences because it triggers me to go, “Oh, yeah, I am able to do that too.” I have heard it takes awhile for Strattera to fully take effect, although I felt a smidge of change in my brain after the first pill. I think I will ask my doctor if I could increase it to 60 mg from 40 mg. It may be that little bit more would make the difference I’m needing.