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Re: Struggling for Normality

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I’ve struggled in pursuit of normalcy all my life. Chasing what is inevitably an elusive illusion. Like the kind of mirage one sees driving down a blistering hot road on a summer day. Just when you get there…its gone, or changed, or wasn’t what you thought it would be in the first place.

I’ve spent tones of time and money and efforts to be normal and perceived as such. That everything is ok. And all I need is just a little more time, effort and speed to get to that place. Only to have most of it bite me on the butt.

As I look back, the irony is, the harder I tried – the worse it got. The worse it got, the more abnormal I looked. What’s even more worse, in some way, is how, I’ve equated; being normal equals happiness. For many of us, especially the ones who are undiagnosed-unaware, it’s tantamount to burning out on a giant hamster wheel or fighting an invisible gremlin that keeps letting air out of your tires.

Accepting, learning, understanding, and re-strategizing are some of the “ings” that I’m investing my energy into. Now that I know.

I’m still working on understanding the fog issue I often find myself in, as well.