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Re: testing for adhd while on concerta

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I’m assuming that you are asking when to stop taking meds before tested for ADD? When I had my assessment done I think it was two days without stimulants prior to the day of the test. As explained to me, stimulants “wash-out” of the body quickly (4 to 8 hours?). You can almost feel when it kicks and when it fizzles out.

Right dosage is mostly trial and error. Your doctor will probably determine a starting point usually at the lower end and ramp up until the dose is effective. The starting point can be a guess, but I think they take a pretty good stab at it based on their experience with other patients. So don’t be disappointed if you don’t feel any immediate or long lasting effect.

How to know if you’re a the right dosage is really subjective. As far as I know, there isn’t a blood test to determine a target range in the blood stream. Everyone will have a different threshold for a clinically correct dosage. Maybe the severity of the ADD or metabolism can be factors.

This is where self-reporting comes in. If you FEEL more focussed, if you FEEL you can stay on task and if you FEEL more in control, then the dose may be considered appropriate. And this is where the input of an SO (Significant Other…life partner, a friend, a relative, maybe a coworker) is important. If you feel comfortable asking them, they can be an invaluable source of feedback. The other important thing is that you establish a really good working relationship with your doctor and tell them exactly how you feel. You won’t hurt their feelings if you tell them the meds aren’t working. Things can be adjusted and changed until you’re feeling better.

My experience with Concerta was that it it fizzled out after four hours (the wash-out effect). My doc split the dosage. I took one capsule in the morning and another one in the afternoon, right after lunch. That would get me through the day. I know some people, that if they need a “booster” for something intensive in the evening like night school or social activities, also use a small dose of Ritalin.

Hope this helps…and good luck.