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I’ve decided to give myself a break, that’s sort-of a big deal in this camp huh? Like nearly freaking Impossible for some. How do you give someone a break when you can’t stand the site of him in the mirror? sometimes I think I’m good looking, then I realize I’ve got a total dork staring back at me, with a silly grin… Mirrors are over-rated.

I do hereby giving myself permission to be a fool once in a while, it takes a lot of pressure off me.

Regardless, of all my “thinking” splattered all over this web site, I’m going ahead and not beating myself up for making a silly 6 hour rule for myself. That’s kinda like asking a little mini dog not to bark at giant strangers. (everyone is giant when you’re a scared little mini dog) So I’m revising my new self imposed rules. The rest still apply. I’m undoing that self imposed 6 hour rule.

I’ll just wait a good and long time before I post any of the larger ones.

Better huh?

Slap! Slap!

Can I get an extra high five for not posting any gigantic enormous never-ending long drawn out n covered every subject under the sun fifty million thousand word long, um, rantings/rambling posts? In the last couple days… mostly. Unless I forgot one. Hmmm.

All done.

I could use a “****Big Grin****, and a couple ****atta boy!****’s.


Slap! Slap!

Got encouragement?