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You Rock!, that’s really cool how you handled that.

<<<< I accepted the results and was able to go out with the person who actually got the promotion and not blame him and/or be a bitch to him. Now that he’s working in the position I’ve actually had the opportunity to help him a few times. >>>>> That there is an accomplishment I can really admire to the extreme. You’ve got some good strong character. To even help the person really shows a maturity I’m hoping to be able to show naturally, not just force myself. I’m guessing it really felt good too. Thanks for sharing.


that’s the same thing a new lady friend I’m interested in is going through now. She’s up on a stage, beautiful voice, but her mic is not loud enough!!! grrr. Can’t hear her. Makes me angry. I volunteered to help with the sound. It’s a new very complicated mixing board and blew my mind. They never called or emailed me, so I’m not able to do anything but tell the guy who’s training to do what I think I should be doing..ugg. Last week I spoke up to the new trainee sound man about the whole darn band being JUST TOO LOUD!!!! and if you know me, that’s extremely rare. I even went to home depot and bought the best earplugs they have for a little old lady friend who was struggling with the earplugs she had (cheap ones) and holder her hands over her ears. Sorta hear-breaking to say the least. I hope you don’t have to deal with that sort of struggle on top of the relentlessly endless series of rejections. That’s a little bit of the reason I used to not be willing to practice my guitar. My own darn ego is so fragile. Practice is difficult when you can’t stand to play the same stuff over n over n over… It’s easy to understand why The Who used to destroy their instruments at the end of shows. I could tell that story, but that would go beyond my new “post length” limits. I’m pushing it as it is.. huh? ***smile*** rules are for breakin!!! right?

I’ll need to check out that Dr. Jain Blog, hope I can find it! :-)

Sounds like you did great, I hope you get some good new n reviews.

Hey!! tell us how you did that hands free phone thing, I’m resisting the urg to get yet another dang phone. It’s creepy how fast technology is expanding, increasing, I have friends that just ask their phone to google directions and then it gives em to me!! LOL. like a compound passenger AND backseat driver squared kinda thing. LOL.

Just what I need, a Garmin like voice hanging around my neck!!! hehe. Good idea though! I can put off getting a new phone a little longer. Can’t stand trying to type on a touchscreen. Makes me crazy.


KC, you must be beaming with happiness. I like to tell my daughter that “I’m proud to be your father” Nothing beats having our offspring do well. It’s the best stuff life has to offer. Flying towards a beautiful sunset is on my goals/bucket list. Imagine making a beautiful sunset last for 5 or 6 hours, just by flying towards it? I bet your daughter could do that. And make a good long video of it.

I have a mini hight five. I just moved the bag of paper garbage away from my desk. I said I would weeks ago (I think) when I lost my checkbook with an amex card in it. Just as I was typing, a notepad that says “Dave, 3:00” on it fell into that bag. Just slipped off my desk. He’s coming over with important stuff… almost kicked me in the teeth again. I just heard it slip, caught my attention (thank you adhd) and I grabbed… I’m beginning to love having add.

HIgh five gang!!!

Oops, I forgot to edit/proofread, but I’m runnin late.


March 8 2012