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Love your Done List, Abby – and Young Frankenstein, too!

I have a version of a Done list going as an experiment: I set a monthly goal for myself. Actually two goals: One “personal” (this month is singing every day) and one “household” (Emptying the dish drainer every morning). Then I made a little poster with a silly picture to illustrate the task and a checklist for each day of the month.

The thing that helps me the most? The fact that over the column where the checkmarks go I put the words “I did it.” Seeing that each day as I check the list off is somehow really, really huge for me.

I’m finally getting into the home stretch in the kitchen-organization project. Cleared off two counters of all the random where-should-THESE-go’s and wiped the counters down. Also got all the random junk off the kitchen table and wiped that down as well. Mopped half of the floor (kitchen’s kind of big). I’m feeling like I might be able to say DONE! on this room very, very soon!