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Love the top 10 list. Funny I’ve been thinking about that as well. And love Letterman’s top 10. For the last year and a half about I have been unemployed after losing a job I had been at for 11 years. WOW! yes that long for an ADHD’r. I’ll have to do another post on that one.

But anywho… so in the in the time I’ve been unemployed to get myself out of funks I have thought about things I have done and in a top 10 sort of way. Or what I also refer to as what I did on my summer vacation. So here goes.

1. Actually cleaned up layers of the house and discovered about a doz. or so more rolls of scotch tape! That will save me money because I don’t have to keep buying any more. And time since I know where stuff is now.

2. Even though I’m really low on money I have still been able to pay my debt down. Can see a light at the end of the tunnel on that one.

3. Took the change I saved from not having to buy any more tape or other multiple items I didn’t know I had but found since the big house cleaning and put that in a saving account. I have $30.00 but it’s a start It’s small but “small change add up” ha,ha

4. Learned how to shave the dog since I can’t afford the groomer. Took about 3 hours. He’s a golden retriever. But he’s happier since he’s not so hot with fur in summer. Well lets just say it was a new experience. No one got injured.

5. Volunteered for the animal shelter I always said I would but never had time due to old job sucking the life energy out of me.

6. Started my own freelance graphic design business. And finally am getting portfolio and self promotional pieces together that I have had on my to do list for the past 11 years! And very freaking of afraid of doing. Clients I’m good at myself not so much.

7. Allowed my self to go on a vacation

8. Started a jewlery business using wire wrapped pieces of Sea Glass I found while on vacation. I got hyper-focused and collected about 200 pieces. And thought “hey I could sell this”

9. Used the need to do something with my hands while on vacation (making jewelry) as a way to stop buying jewlery because I’ve got the shiny object shopping combo. And now I can wear my own. And people give me lots of compliments. We like compliments.

10. And the biggest life changer and in-progress event: came to terms with the diagnosis of ADHD and all that goes with it and seeking treatment and outlets like these to help me manage my life.

It’s in reverse order. Go figure. : )