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Related to the reading, I had a major insight about the way I shift focus – mainly, I need to give myself a generous amount of time to switch gears. It might take some time to settle into the chair, and I might have to re-read the first couple of pages of a book, but after that – if I don’t beat myself up for my lack of concentration – eventually the focus tunes in and I can read effectively.

Thanks for you post on transitioning with focus. That’s a major problem for me with any writing stuff especially. I’m going to try what you’ve said. Giving yourself time to go over and re-read, settle in and not beat myself up. I always have the little voice in my head that sounds off when I can’t snap into focus right away. Bug part of why I have a hard time getting started with things. That little voice “scares me and is really, really annoying”. Insert voice of Howie Mandels character Bobby there. For those of you who know that one.

Who in addition to OCD also has ADHD. Here is a link to an interview I just came across.