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I found so many multiples of things when I cleaned the house. It was also an area that was hurting financing and time. Because I would keep buying more of things I didn’t know I had and then could never find what needed to get started on my numerous projects only to feel defeated again.

Funny how clutter and a lack of perception about it can spread into so many areas. And since I think of shopping and sales as a sport. Well one can see where it could go. I started call my house overstock.com

Here is just a fun small list of multiple I found. Or as I call it “if one if good five is better” Now I have to use it up before I can get more. No matter how good the sale is.

1. We know about the tape now.

2. Soap. Lots of bars of neat smelling soap with cool packaging. Have not bought soap in a year now.

3. About 50 or so bras. I’ll be supported well into my 60’s

4. Eye shadow

5. Notebooks and Journals with only the first 10% written in or used. About 10 of em. I have a thing with paper.

6. Pens, pens. pens, pencils and markers.

7. Safety pins. About 3 to 5 bags I’ve been looking for.

8. Several screwdrivers all the same size.

9. Hair products.

10. Empty wine bottles that I plan to do something cool with. A tuck bed full the boyfriend removed. He said I could keep one bin to work with to see if my ideas would work. And no I did not drink them all by myself.

11. Wine corks – Did make cork boards out of those.

12. Storage bins and various baskets – after being emptied of the wine bottles.