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Carrie – Great job on clean clothes! That always feels better. Clean clothes smell nice. :-) And you got to spend time with your grandma. High five for multi tasking. Who said we’re not good at that. LOL :-)

Yep that energy dip is never fun. Just had a good meeting with my client who is now thrilled with the illustrated book I’m working on. I felt she was going to doubt me and my abilities at this latest meeting. I was up until 3am! Got what I could together and made it look good even if the rest is not so great right now. And focused her on the good parts. Wow am I actually learning stuff? I also used my tips on looking professional and tidied up house since I work at home. Then I didn’t have to worry if she thought my house was as messy as me getting this project completed. And remembered to eat something first.

I read a suggestion somewhere on here about breaking things into joblets. I used it and got through and back to a point where I”m excited to work on it (the book) again. Since this is what is paying my mortgage right now.

I’m going to a CHADD meeting again tonight. I think I will bring the ongoing struggle us ADDers have with undulating (that’s how I would describe it) energy levels. Part of my problem with this book I’m doing.