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I had a job interview to day and am top of the list. I will find out for sure tomorrow. It’s part time so I will have to still do freelance and keep up on my jewelry business to get the bills paid. But it’s a step in the right direction.

It was funny the office assistant who is also the owners daughter said sorry my dad’s a bit ADD as he was running around answering emails and checking on stuff and interviewing me about the job at the same time. I said no problem I totally understand. (Little do they know how well.)

I bet any other interviewee either would have thought it was rude or wondered how the place ran. I thought I think I would fit in here. So hope it goes well.

My clothing was on right this time and I was organized with samples of my work since I knew where it was due to some organizing. Hey some of my hard work on my ADD has paid off. I was even early to the interview!

Just had to share.