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Jules!! A big congrats! You are better than I! I have tried so many times to just keep quiet and help my husband. I am getting better! I too am to make a phone call that I havent worked up to yet. I put it off yesterday and now it has to wait until Monday. My husband is angry that I didnt make the call yet. Well why doesnt he make it then! I COMPLETLEY understand you on that one!

Well, new renters have moved in last night. I am TERRIFIED going back to see them this morning. My husband gave me a little pep talk to help me stay strong. Hes back home working so Im alone. I am getting better at standing up for myself and whats right for me. Normally I just cower and say “ok” and then im screwed in the end. My escape if they ask me something I may give into is “I will write it down and discuss it with my husband” and then hope not to lose that paper. I lost the signed contract with my last renters. In court I don’t think saying “I have ADD” would help me. Plus I wouldn’t even mention it. Wish me luck!