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It seems that “Hiya” seems to be something Australians say? I just comment because Allan Wallace is the second person I know in Australia. Well sort of know. My other friend also uses “hiya” that I know from another forum place. And or foreign LOL Forum, foreign get it? So baaaad.

After reading some of the posts on this thread I realized too there are people I let go to the way side. I have this conversation about when I’ll see them again (in my mind) and it seems to register as actually having talked to them. So made an effort to touch base with a few people to let them know I’m doing well and see how they are doing this week. I forget to ask sometimes when I’m busy with my update. But was better at remembering to do so this time around.

On the flip side the social group of friends I’m a part of we just refer to ourselves as “the group” are booking up every weekend with either birthdays, concerts or whatever else they can think of to party over. Although each year the end of the night get a half hour earlier. One of these years we are all going to be heading off to the early bird specials at the buffet line.

I had to cancel my almost annual Tiki party because one of them decided to have their 40th birthday on the same day. Just as I was about to hit send on my invite. Damn people turning 40. Oh I know the moaning over too many social engagements. So sad Miss Who.

But I do have to watch how much stuff I go to otherwise I let other things slip or get snarky when I’ve seen too much of “the group” and I don’t even drink at the moment. Point is I’ve realized with this ADD thing there can be too much of a good thing and when to check in with myself if I’m overloaded and need a break from the party circuit. Although it is fun watching my friends do stupid humane drunk tricks and I won’t be the one hungover. Ha, ha, ha. Ok so I take joy in other peoples pain. Kidding.