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Someone once told me if ya can’t deal with them then Kill ’em with kindness. This was referring to dealing with customers.

I’ve had to came to terms with how my ADHD moods come across. Sometimes my boyfriend would comment about me being angry or getting pissy. Which would make me more so. And sometimes it’s him. So after I explained that some of my moods are just that. Only moods that will pass I’m not actually that angry or pissed off. And yes had to learn to use my words.

Took him a while of sitting back and just waiting to see what mood would come flying out. And I got tired of always being thought of as the “dramatic” one.

But after learning more myself and then filling him in he gets it. And we have cues that we say to each other to let either of know that this is just a passing mood I’m in or no I’m really freakin’ upset and we need to discuss this. We used to fight all of the time and come to think of it we haven’t in a long time. We get irritated with each other but that’s when ADD can be good. Sometimes I forget I was irritated.