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Re: They DO NOT GET IT….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Most businesses are NOT set up to help us figure out how we can best be productive. They hire us to produce results, and when our “behavior” compromises those results, or distracts others and compromises their results, our value as an employee goes down. The cause is irrelevent to them. In the state where I live, you do not need a specific reason to fire someone, and there are plenty of other candidates out there who they can try out, rather than try to make it work with me. If you want accomodations (which means you get to work differently than others or have special tools, etc), you have to figure out for yourself what might help, and it can’t be very much of a burden on the company or they will just say it’s an “undue hardship” which gets them off the hook. (in the US) I think telling your employer you have ADD will only be helpful if they already think you are an asset and it is information they can act on to optimize your contribution. If they see you as marginal, their prejudices and myths about ADD may very well cause them to think it’s hopeless, and they won’t want to invest any more time and energy into you. Risky… If knowing you have ADD doesn’t make any difference to them, then it might seem kind of unprofessional to discuss it a work – it’s sort of private… Anyway – you can improve yourself without saying anything often times. Let the results speak for themselves! Start doing what YOU can do and stop focusing on whether or not anyone gets it. YOU get it – and that is so cool because now you can start to do something about it – and start reaping the benefits of your awesome-ness!!

I just want people to say – wow, what’s up with her – she’s really getting her stuff together, to which I would reply, oh really? – I guess so – I hadn’t noticed… by the way, boss, I could really use a pay raise!