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Re: Toronto Get-Together?

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Larynxa: I dare you. I double dare you. :)

MerryMac: it was so good to meet you too. And it’s ok if two people wear the same thing, if one of them is a guy. (Hey I don’t make the rules). :D

I’m totally with you on the “interesting” thing as well. Well, big time. Used to feel guilty about being so easily bored in so many social situations, until I got diagnosed and decided to give myself a break. I never get bored around fellow ADDers. I know how that sounds too. I’m OK with it. (Not in the least elitist. Being bored, especially around work situations, can be quite detrimental. And besides I’m humble. I’m the humblest guy there is. I dare anyone to say differently. They can’t. Know why? ‘Cause there’s no one humbler than me. Proud to say.)