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Hi Robbo. I won’t lie to you—border collies are a huge commitment. They need to run like a horse at least twice a day, rain, shine or blizzard. A single, on-leash walk is not enough for this breed. For me, that works well because it ensures I get outside and move every few hours no matter what.

However, you get out what you put in with them. They are incredibly intelligent and intuitive, and were in fact bred to be constantly tuned in to and minutely focused on their handler/owner. You can’t be lonely with this dog, because it needs to be with you and monitor you. The flip side is that they don’t do well alone for long periods.

If you decide to go the canine route, you need to start with a young dog that’s been well socialized as a pup, and then enlist the help of a trainer to help shape the behaviours you want. Dog trainers generally love working with BCs, because they catch on lightening fast and have a strong will to please. But small breeds are also often trained as therapy dogs. A trained Jack Russell would be a good potential choice for you in your current set-up, if you were committed to the trips outside, etc., that it would need.