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Whelp, so much for the long acting Ritalin my doctor prescribed, he said it was “the generic”. But I found out today it wasn’t covered. 150.00 a month. And a gamble at that. I just left the prescription at the pharmacy. I’ll think about it. I forgot to even look at it so I’ll have to call the pharmacy tomorrow to see exactly what it was. My hopes were not up.

Oh well. At least I didn’t get poked in the eye with a sharp stick, right?

Back to the scribbled all over, erased n re-written, complicated and cluttered drawing board. Or drawing Bored!…. Crap, maybe I’m bi-polar and I’m afraid to be artificially mellowed out. We shall see.

I was watching some hilarious Videos on youtube by Rick, “History Bites” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58WuanPbwrg&feature=related They’re great!!! hilarious!, I watched more than a dozen then clicked on some “inside the add brain” ones, that led me to some “rapid cycling bi-polar” ones. confuzed the heck outa me!. I’m gonna try to find a thread about the difference between ADHD and rapid cycling bi-polar here, not very soon though

I don’t become omnipotent, or suicidal… But moody, hell yeah.

I can’t look at myself too much. I’ll find what I’m afraid of instead of what’s actually there.

Mostly I’m just selfish. I’m not being too hard on myself. Just brutally honest. That’s how my posts get so long. They are all about me, on and on and on. About ME!!!! A LOT!!! the solution to my ADHD may be more simple than I realized.

12:29 am 2/22/12