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Re: What's the worst thing you have ever forgotten?

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I forget to shut the lights off on my car at least twice a month and sometimes once a week. The worst time was when my friends and I went hiking 95 miles north of Fairbanks, Alaska where there is literally NO ONE! There was a ranger station about 10 miles down a dirt road and that was it. We got back to the parking lot from hiking around 9pm and it was starting to get dark and lo and behold the car was dead, dead, dead. Boy did I feel stupid, luckily these were my really close friends and they weren’t upset, they are used to me. Anyway we made this elaborate plan in which the boys would run to the ranger station and me and the other girl would jog down the highway and hope that someone would be driving this way and come help us out. Fortunately both guys are electrical/mechanical engineering majors and can find a solution to everything. So we pushed my car over to the other car in the parking lot which was luckily a stick shift and were able to jump it from their car. Also, coincidentally my friend knew the person who owned the car so we left a long thank you note and drove back home. I now have a post-it on my steering wheel that reminds me to turn off the lights and all of my friends remind me whenever we get out of my car. My other worst moment was locking myself out of both the bunkhouse and my cabin at work (about 50 miles from ANYONE) and I had left my car keys in the bunkhouse so I couldn’t just drive to the office to get an extra key. There i also no cell phone reception for about 40 miles each way out there. I had to wait 10 hours for the biologists to return and let me in.