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Re: Which Myers Briggs Personality Profile are you?

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I have taken and taught the Myers Briggs many times and always come up an ENFP. I’ve even tried to skew it the other way but I guess that is really my temperament type. I am on concerta and I still think, feel and behave like an ENFP. . The difference on the meds is that I can stay focused on a task easier and form longer periods of time. The first thing I noticed is that it took me about 5 minutes to pick out a valentines day card instead of 30+.miinutes.

NF’s tend to take things personally so I’m trying not to be offended by billd”s comment about not liking social workers. Why pick that profession to make a negative comment about when there are so many professions. And btw there are hundreds of different types of social workers and counselors so don’t stereotype.

I enjoy being thought of as having diverse talents and interests but would sure appreciate more ability to focus on tasks until they are finished.

Thanks Bill this is an interesting discussion!