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It’s that “where are we going, and what am I doing in this handbasket” feeling – I know it well.

It too, shall pass. Been through a couple of divorces and I get SO emotionally “attached” – beyond “Normal love” that I was a total basket case. I look back now and think, gee, I was a total idiot, a bumbling fool then, wasn’t I” and determine to not do it again. I probably would, but I like to think that sometimes I learn……

>>but also the healthcare system

for dragging there feet for getting my diagnosis ,and getting me started on treatment<<

YES YES YES. Not on the ADD, but on other things, I’ve made my rounds and they STILL don’t get it. Since 2 years ago, my neck feels swollen, and when I lay on my back I can’t breathe or swallow. when I turn my head, my throat feels like it’s closing off. My throat hurts and feels dry a lot, and I have a LOT of trouble eating = swallowing certain foods – need water to wash it down. It started suddenly. Things get stuck in my throat. But 2 GPs and 2 ENTs swear I look just fine, not a thing wrong. Oh, then why did the gal at the dentist office comment on how my throat looked while she was cleaning my teeth??

I guess they really are just practicing then…….